Originally started in 1994 as a compliment to MBA classmates' need for backroom operations for their start-up enterprises, we hatched after graduating from Babson College, as marketing and financial consultants.

EL Malinowski Consulting Co. has grown to support entrepreneurs, small businesses and mid-sized companies in all areas of business operations to support the growing need for developing brand awareness, FP&A and business planning for presentation to venture capitalist and lenders alike.


ELM Consulting parlayed accounting, financial analysis and marketing into a business management consulting model which has proven results in its ability to predict trends, seek profitable niches and promote markets for several businesses throughout the New England area.  

In the past 30 years, we have brought several products to national retail markets, giving us great pride in seeing entrepreneurial efforts expand through grit, strategy and hard work.  From dog treats to toothbrush heads to battery testing equipment, we have put the products on national retail shelf space or incorporated in corporate safety procedures, creating a more versatile product stream even in today's changing environment.


In 2012, EL Malinowski Consulting moved its base of operations to Florida, thus becoming a national company by working with clients in multiple states.  We have kept our strategic focus in the areas of accounting, marketing and business management, but narrowed our services primarily to back-office accounting and small business taxation in the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Orlando area.


Unlike most firms, EL Malinowski Consulting prides itself on being a beacon of knowledge and showing how the Accounting Department can become more than just a cost center.  With the right attitude, conscientious diligence, and leadership, the accounting department, and its Controller and CFO, can become a cost saver, thus a revenue generator!

EL Malinowski Consulting has developed and demonstrated financial analytical functions proven useful in determining cost containment effectiveness, financial statement analysis, and determined revenue model variables through market trend analysis.  These models have slashed over $1M in cost overruns for R/E property managers, celebrity hospitality concerns and other businesses who had not adequately utilized FP&A models to full advantage.

Starting with a well-planned accounting system, anticipating growth before it occurs, and providing for expandable productivity can save time and money, as well as assist in best practices for tax planning and preparedness into a company's growth in the future.  Having a clear understanding of CoSO and SOX, as well as GAAP makes for better planned Accounting processes from the start.

An advanced M/S Office Suite operator and QuickBooks and SAGE expert, ELM Consulting has been instrumental in setting up productive accounting, inventory, cost containment and job costing systems for start-up companies in construction, manufacturing, retail, service and professional environments.  

We are also teachers! We have been able to train new staff to the benefits of the QB or SAGE accounting systems.  Report Analysis and understanding the numbers and trends are very helpful to the new entrepreneur, and we are able to not just do the work, but teach the concepts.

See how our staff can be a beacon of knowledge for your business needs, as your company grows into the future.


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Principal, CFO, Accounting & Business Operations Consultant 

Notary Public in Florida until 2021

PTIN with IRS since 1999 with 2020 certification


MBA Graduate of Babson College F.W. Olin School of Business Marketing, Accounting & Entrepreneurship Cum Laude

BS BA Graduate of Rowan University dual Cum Laude honor degree in Accounting and Finance 


Business operations professional able to manage multiple tasks, people and projects in a cohesive manner such that the team will meet deadlines, to client's specifications, profitably, and on time.  


Ms. Wright has been accountable and met goals consistently over the past 20+ years in several industries, geographical locations, with increasing responsibility.  This has been evident, not only through contractual and employment endeavors within companies, but at the EL Malinowski Consulting offices as well.  

As a proven "go-to" performer, Ms. Wright has experience as a Chief Financial Officer, supporting the financial progress of a $65M mid-sized, international, start-up, as well as an Interim Controller for others.  She has worked for such business leaders as TJX Companies, Kimmins Contracting and Fidelity Investments. Her leadership and ability to see trends and strategize has been an integral part of the growth of other companies such as Minimise USA, ACCI, GEBM and ACDG/Samsson Construction. 

Ms. Wright has led teams of accounting professionals and auditors in the departments of Accounting, Finance and Cash Management, Human Resources, Risk Management, Inventory Control and Product Management Operations.  Her innovative approaches to FP&A, BPE and other ways to bring about efficiencies have enabled the Finance Department to become a cost saver and thus a revenue generator.

Ms. Wright now sits on the Advisory Boards of several start-up enterprises looking to launch innovative ideas throughout our world. From ways to support young parents in reducing the landfill issues disposable diapers pose to our environment,  to new construction models in Australia, and entertainment concession offerings here in the US and overseas, Ms. Wright's ability to motivate and infuse the entrepreneurial spirit into business plans, marketing ideas and accounting practices which will support growth and efficiencies is sought the world over.


She is now poised to bring EL Malinowski Consulting's model to those in the Florida market through B2B and C2C contracts as well.  If interested in using her expertise in your vision, reach out.




However, that does not mean we are no longer able to work with you.  We have established virtual appointments for these times of social distancing.

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